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A large statement display piece.


Getting it's name from the latin Tendere meaning to stretch Each vessels shape is discovered through the raising process. As the vessle is shaped by hammer the metal is stretched and put under tension. As I discover this tenion and the shape the metal wants to form I work with it in a process of discovery rather than trying to fight it. Eventually resulting in a harmonious balanced form at once under tension and simultaneously relaxed.

Hand hammered copper vessel finished with a beautiful copper nitrate black, blue marbled patina, and a rich polished interior.


Each Tendere is completely unique and 1 of 1


If there is anything you would like to customise about your order or if you would like to order a bespoke commision please get in touch.


All our products are shipped in sustainable packaging.

#1 Tendere Vessel (large)

  • Material: Copper

    Finish: Micro-crystalline wax polish

    Dimensions LxWxH: 200mm x 80 x 100


  • These pieces are intended primarily for display and not for food, except for dry goods. The piece should be dusted of with a buffing rag and polished, if needs me more wax polish can be added, I reccommend Renaissance Micro-Crystalline wax.

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