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The Kelp Pendant Light emerges as a labor of love, a copper creation born from artistic curiosity. Its very form is a tribute to the serenity and elegance of seaweed gently swaying in ocean currents.


Through the ancient art of hand-raising, this light takes shape, with each hammer strike breathing life into its organic design. The copper surface, like the sea itself, bears the mark of time and tide, its rippling texture reminiscent of the undulating ocean.


The finish is where the magic unfolds. Outside, a carefully applied combination of patination solutions weaves a tapestry of deep blues and greens, echoing the ocean's ever-changing colors. Within, a high-polished interior casts a warm, inviting orange glow that envelops its surroundings, like the comforting embrace of sunlight dancing on the sea's surface.


More than just a pendant light, the Kelp Pendant Light is a storyteller, a piece of the ocean's soul brought to life in your living space.

Kelp Pendant Light


    • Hand formed recycled copper sheet
    • Bech and hardwood components
    • Natural Linen flex
    • Brass hardware


    • 0.3m


    • 2m


    1 X 5W B22 LED Filament globe bulb Bulb warm white 2200K

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