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Acollection of three Tendere vessels, This trio, consisting of one large and two small vessels, forms a harmonious ensemble,
Their name, 'Tendere,' hails from the Latin word meaning 'to stretch.' Each vessel's shape emerges as a discovery, an intimate conversation between each hammer blow and the metal. Blow by blow, the metal stretches and tenses, I choose to embrace the forces at play rather than resisting them. In this dance of tension and release, each vessel finds its unique form, a delicate balance between constraint and relaxation.


These vessels, handcrafted from copper, bear the marks of their journey. A copper nitrate black and blue marbled patina adorns the exterior, a testament to the alchemical dance of time and artistry. Inside, a rich polished finish invites contemplation.


But what truly sets them apart is their individuality. Each Tendere vessel is a singular creation, one of a kind, telling a story of its own in the grand tapestry of craftsmanship."

Trio of Tendere Vessels

  • Material: Copper

    Finish: Micro-crystalline wax polish

    Dimensions LxWxH: 200mm x 80 x 100


  • These pieces are intended primarily for display and not for food, except for dry goods. The piece should be dusted of with a buffing rag and polished, if needs me more wax polish can be added, I reccommend Renaissance Micro-Crystalline wax.

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