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the Willow Leaf Cluster Chandelier, a tribute to the Willow tree's organic beauty.


Crafted with care from recycled copper sheet, this chandelier embodies the essence of the Willow's leaves. Three distinct leaf forms, each cradling its own light bulb, come together in harmonious unity.


The hammered textures, reminiscent of nature's intricate venation patterns, tell a tale of handcrafted artistry. Outside, an antiqued patina whispers of time's touch, while inside, a warm, polished orange glow radiates, inviting the heart to bask in its light.


Each leaf is a movable piece of the narrative, offering the freedom to adjust and rotate, casting light in different directions. In the heart of the room, they converge, illuminating the entire space. In a corner, they add depth and intrigue, painting shadows where stories hide.


The Willow Leaf Cluster Chandelier is more than a fixture; it's a reminder of the beauty found in the world around us, a testament to the artistry inspired by nature's own hand."

Willow Leaf Cluster Chandelier


    • Hand formed recycled copper sheet
    • Bech and hardwood components
    • Natural Linen flex
    • Brass hardware

    MIN DROP: 0.7m

    MAX DROP: 3m


    3 X 2W B25 LED Filament Bulb warm white 1800K

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